Boss Harmony – Punky Reggae Party (04.13.16)

PRP Dublab (1)

Punky Reggae Party broadcasts every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month and features musical selections from the punk & post-punk period between 1977 – 1982 (although other era’s, sub-genres & pre-punk influences are often represented), as well as Jamaican music from the ska, rock steady & roots reggae era’s, respectively. Many of the British post-punk bands were influenced by reggae music & it’s recording techniques, and that experimental spark is the nucleus of the show.


Filth – Don’t Hide Your Hate

The Spits – 19 Million AC

The Wipers – Does It Hurt

Steve Treatment – Danger Zone

Art Attacks – Punk Rock Stars

Pere Ubu – Street Waves

Scratch Acid – Mess

Family Fodder – Disco Purge

Model Citizens – Animal Instincts

Dow Jones & The Industrials

Fifth Colomn – To Sir With Hate

Mud Hutters – Nice Guy/Left Right

Artefact – World Match

Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Jim On The Move

The Nightingales – Paraffin Brain

The Fall – Rowche Rumble

Tactics – Standing By The Window

Petticoat/Crash – Fremder Schoner Mann

Snatch – Red Army

The English Beat – Dream Home In NZ

The Teardrop Explodes – Bouncing Babies

The Lines – Transit

Minny Pops – Dolphin’s Spurt

Distributors – T.V.ME

Rene Halkett & David Jay – Nothing

Killing Joke – Chop Chop

Wire – Go Ahead

The Ex – Shoes

I Jog & The Track Suites – Worrying Man

Nora Dean – Angie La La

Burning Spear – Door Peeper

Prince Far I – Blackman Land

Horse Mouth – Herb Vendor

Linval Thompson – Sukumaka

Wayne Wade – Beware

Baba Brooks – Flames In The Street

Reid’s All Stars – Mafia

The Destroyers – Raggmop

The Royals – Don’t Mix Me Up

David Isaacs – Who To Tell

The Hippy Boys – Death Rides

The Fabions – V Rocket

The Tennors – Another Scorcher


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