Jimi Hey w/guest Daniel Paul – Rainbow Jail Episode 22 (01.14.16)


Jimi Hey doesn’t want to break you out of jail. He wants to put you inside colorful bars. Click play to unlock the secrets within the sonic solitude of this prismatic prison. Rainbow Jail airs every second Thursday from 4-6pm PST on dublab.

This is not an episode of Rainbow Jail to be missed. Jimi was joined this month by the prolific architectural historian Daniel Paul.


Rainbow Jail #22

1. Intro music: excerpt from Rashomon by Takeshi Terauchi & The Blue Jeans (Japan, 72)

2. Supertramp – Cannonball (UK, 85)

3. Jean-Luc Ponty – Computer Incantations For World Peace (France/US, 83)

4. Rupert Homes – Weekend Lover (UK/US, 76)

5. Minako Yoshida – Town (Japan, 81)

6. Julian Cope – Head Hang Low (UK, 84)

7. Henry Mancini – Lujon (US, 64)

8. Jungle Brothers – Ra Ra Kid (NY, 92)

9. Steve Roach – Merge (US, 86)

10. LeBlanc & Carr – Stronger Love (US, 77)

Talk with Daniel Paul

11. Mag & The Suspects – Erection (France, 81)


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