Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe make a mess of things in red band trailer for The Nice Guys — watch

Shane Black transitioned from screenwriter of classics films like the Lethal Weapon franchise and The Monster Squad to sought-after director following 2005’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Since then, however, the only other feature he’s directed was Iron Man 3. Now, Black is back behind the lens for what he’s calling the “spiritual sequel” to Kiss Kiss, the Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling-starring The Nice Guys.

From the new trailer for the comedy thriller, it’s easy to see why this The Nice Guys is a close cousin to Black’s directorial debut. Gosling plays a talented but bungling private eye named Holland March who crosses paths with Crowe’s hired muscle man Jackson Healy while working a case involving a porn star’s suicide. When the imperfect partners discover a connection to another case involving the missing daughter of a State Department employee, they get drawn into a web of danger and conspiracy.

Now, sure, that plot’s some standard gumshoe mystery stuff, but in Black’s hands, it looks to be one heck of a ride. Gosling and Crowe display hilarious chemistry in some pretty fabulously dressed scenes. And there’s plenty of absurd gun play and deaths for the thriller fan. Check out the trailer below.



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